Presidential Primary Day

Message from Chad:

“Today’s the day to voice your. In today’s world with so many differing opinions on what’s best for our city, state and country. The direction we want our government to take. The values we deem important and the concerns we believe need addressing. It all comes down to a few days a year. Today’s one of these days. One of the days where everyone’s opinion matters. No need to troll on the internet to try and show you care about a subject. Get out and vote. That’s how you truly invoke change.”

Polls close at 9pm

Consensus: By the people, for the future

“Chad Ryan | Syracuse Common Council, District 2

I agreed to be on the commission because I chair the Inter-Governmental Service and Consolidation Committee for the city of Syracuse. I also believe that consolidation is necessary for the future of Onondaga County and our region. How that consolidation is implemented and how it impacts local municipalities will be very important and I am excited to be a part of that.

Chad M. Ryan is a lifetime resident of the city of Syracuse. He is a 4th generation Tipp Hill resident and is a Funeral Director at Edward J. Ryan & Son Inc. Chad was elected to the Common Council in 2013 and took office January 2014. He represents the 2nd District on the Common Council. He is the Chairperson of the Inter-Governmental Service and Consolidation Committee. He is also a member of the Charter, Rules, Procedure & RFP Committee, Economic Development, Downtown & Metropolitan Planning Committee and Finance, Taxation and Assessment Committee.”

Consensus Commission Members

Preliminary Baseline Review Voter Guide 2013

Common Council, 2nd district

Chad M. Ryan

Address: 324 Coleridge Ave

City: Syracuse

Birthplace: Syracuse

Age: 28

Party lines: Democrat

Community exerience:

I have played an active role in the Central New York Funeral Directors Association, as treasurer between June 2010 and June 2012 and vice president from June 2012 to June 2013. I am a member of Saint Patrick’s Church on Tipperary Hill and of the local Ancient Order of Hibernians., I am a member of the Tipperary Hill Assoc. and have attended SUN meetings throughout the west and north side of the city. I volunteer with Clean up Cuse, the Tipp Hill Assoc. and the AOH.


“Graduate of Thomas J.Corcoran High School ’04
Graduate of SUNY Canton
Mortuary Science ’06
New York State Licensed Funeral Director- ’07”


“Parents -Ed & Peg Ryan
Siblings-Meghan (Chris) Costa, Jillian Ryan”

Political experience:

I have worked on many Campaigns for various different offices I learned first hand from my father the hard work and effort that goes into being a truly great public servant.

Work experience:

Resident- 11/07 – 12/08

Edward J. Ryan & Son
Licensed Funeral Director 1/09 – Present”

How could the Common Council improve the way it serves the public?

The most important aspect of the job is constituent services. Common Councilors need to be accessible and attentive to the needs of the citizens.

What is the No. 1 problem you would like to address as a councilor?

Crime is the number 1 issue in not only the 2nd District but the entire city. Being engaged in the community and working with the police as well as the many different neighborhood groups to make Syracuse safe is my first priority.

How can Syracuse overcome its looming financial problems?

The city needs to become more efficient. Consolidation of services and/or departments is going to be something we need to look into.

Why should voters elect you?

My familiarity with the district is my strongest asset. I grew up in the district, attended school in the city and now pay taxes in the district. I know the concerns of citizens and I will be a voice for them on the Council.

What do you think ought to happen with Interstate 81?

We are too far out to have a good understanding of the pros and cons of all the options. My hope is that whatever decision is made, we look past what’s best now and we look to do what is best for the future of the city of Syracuse.

As a councilor, would you vote to sell owner-occupied tax-delinquent properties to the Land Bank?

We must first work with all owner-occupied homes. If the owners are actively trying to get caught up on their taxes and are staying current with whatever tax payment they have setup we should honor that.

What one thing would you do to improve the quality of life in your district?

Being engaged and working with police and neighborhood groups to fight crime is the most important thing we can do to improve the Quality of life in the district.

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Vote for Chad (part 7)

Why WE NEED to vote for Chad on November 5th

Revitalizing Our Schools

In order to entice young families to move into Syracuse, we must upgrade the quality of education in our schools. Test scores are too low and our graduation rate isn’t high enough. Throwing money at the problem isn’t working. As your Common Councilor, Chad will fully support our teachers so they have the necessary tools to help our students achieve, and will also look for innovative ways to improve learning so that our graduates can compete in the 21st century.